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French training center based in Fontenilles, near Toulouse in the Southwest  France

French courses given at home or at our place for adults or children, through individual or group training

French as a Foreign Language


  • French courses for small groups at our place
  • We offer French courses for small groups, up to 10 people. Gattegno’s pedagogy, which is used here, shows its best efficiency with groups of 8 to 10 people. Indeed, courses focus on oral expression, exchanges, and everyone’s self-progress. Each member of the group brings their personal linguistic knowledge and shares their progress: personal attempts and improvements as well as errors are shared so that everybody can use it to learn faster. The trainer leads the conversations but always stays in the background (he barely speaks). Oral exchanges are practiced in a friendly atmosphere, learning becomes something fun and even bracing.

  • Our fees include fixed rate courses from 12h to 40h.

  • Individual courses at home

We also offer individual courses for adults or children. These courses are given at your home, and you can choose the schedule, and the number of lessons you need. You can pay with Chèque Emploi Service Universel (CESU), which enables you to get 50% of your payment back with a tax credit.

  • Intensive training, or pay-as-you-go programs

Depending on demand, intensive training courses can be set up. We recommend 15h of courses a week (3h/day), which gives the involvement required to make a good and fast progress.

Apprenez-Autrement - 3 Chemin Las Prières - 31470 FONTENILLES  Tel : +33 (0) 9 63 27 77 -  06 28 04 68 70  

Home Pedagogy Fees